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Lucky you

Year / Countries: 2007 / USA, Germany, Australia

Genres: drama, romance, sport

Budget: $55 000 000

Directors: Curtis Hanson

Cast: Eric Bana (Huck Cheever), Drew Barrymore (Billie Offer), Robert Duvall (L.C. Cheever), Debra Messing (Suzanne Offer), Robert Downey Jr. (Jack)

Kinopoisk rating: 6,6

IMDb rating: 5,9

The main character of «Lucky you» is Huck Cheever (Eric Bana) – a talented poker player who has problems in his personal life. In the center of the plot, there are three lines at once – poker line (it shows game results of the guy and his way to the World Series of Poker 2003); line of “father-son” relationship (Huck’s father who left the family is a famous professional player); and a love story line that begins when Huck meets Billie, a young and talented singer.

The hero has hard times; new relationship immerses him headlong at the moment when the guy’s career breakthrough is at stake. In addition, his father with whom Huck has disagreements both in life and at the game table, time and again appears on the boy’s way. As a result, Cheevers meet at the finale table of the same tournament. Which one of them will be the champion? And will our hero be able to find a balance between poker and personal life?

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Lucky You

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