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Rebecca Reveals the Status of Her Relationship with Game and Responds to Briona Claiming Him on Instagram

Rebecca Silvera competed for the attentions of The Game coming out on top on the season finale of She’s Got Game. VH1 caught up with the winner about the evolution of her relationship with the rapper, what Jay’s type of woman is, and what she makes of Briona Mae’s Instagram claims that she and the rapper are together now.

Congratulations! What’s going on with you and Game? Are you guys in a relationship?
Rebecca Silvera: We did try and have a relationship after the show. It had it’s ups and downs, and it couldn’t work, it just wouldn’t work. We still talk from time to time, we spoke a little last night. [We’re] trying to see if we can figure something out because I feel like what we did have was genuine.

What has been most difficult in trying to pursue the relationship since filming wrapped?
For the first three weeks of our relationship, coming off the show, he was in the studio every day. We were literally FaceTiming in the studio at 2, and 3 o’clock in the morning. He was always busy and always working on his album. His album came out now and it’s amazing and I see that he was putting in his hard work but there was time when I was like, “You cannot possibly be in the studio for four days straight.” He would be sending me pictures like, “I’m in the studio.” It’s such a crazy lifestyle, and if you’re not accustomed to a lifestyle like that it’s just impossible to understand. He lives in the studio.

Was it hard to be open to love? Was there any part of you that was worried about pursuing a relationship on television?
A lot of people have been saying to me, “It’s just a show. How could you ever think he could take you seriously?” And coming on to the show, I had my reservations because I’ve watched Flavor of Love, I watched For the Love of Ray J, I even watched Rock of Love – I know the stigma that’s attached to the dating show. I let my guard down with him because what we had was totally different. A lot of the time, everything that we had couldn’t be captured, it was too much footage. There’s no denying what we had was real.

When it was just down to you and Shy did you feel like it was yours to lose? Did you feel confident he was going to choose you?
I felt like there was a very real possibility that I was going home. I know that he did have a connection with Shy, he did have feelings for her, I just didn’t know if his feelings were stronger her. She and I are very different, the only thing that we have in common is that we both have a child. She was very understanding, laid back, easy going, she just took everything as it came.

Me on the other hand? I’m not taking everything as it came. I’m asking questions, I want to know where I stand. You replicated my date with her and I want to know if you’re going to do it again. I’m a ride or die girl but I want to know where we are riding to and why the hell do we have to die? I’m going to ask questions and it doesn’t mean that I’m not down for you and it doesn’t mean I’m not going to ride through bulls— with you but I want to know so that I can contribute and make it better.

Is there any part of you that thinks your accent gave you an advantage in the competition?
I absolutely think my accent was an advantage. I wouldn’t even say advantage but it set me apart. When you have a house full of ten beautiful women, it’s kind of like, what sets one beautiful woman apart from another beautiful woman? There were like four of us in the house that were light skinned with long black hair. I think my accent is what separated me a little bit so that he could see more than just the outward appearance.

Watch The Game Choose The Winner of She’s Got Game Now!

What do you think made his mother fall for you so instantly? It seemed like you two had a little connection as well?
Moms just know, man. We do. I say that moms can smell bulls— from a mile away, when it has something to do with their children. Your guard is always so high, you are looking intently for something good or something bad in an individual. Your alert is on ten and I think [Jayceon’s mother] was just so on alert and looking for flaws that when she saw me real, my hair was messy, no makeup on, I had just woke up and came down in my robe. I just wanted to meet her. I wasn’t trying to look cute at the time because I felt like s—, I was hungover.

The question that always comes up with shows like The Bachelor or Flavor of Love is what happens on the sleepovers? What happened on that first night between the two of you?
Exactly what you saw is what we got. He basically said to me, “I’m not going to compromise myself or you because of our children. I’m not going to try to sleep with you, and I’m not going to try do anything inappropriate.” When the cameras stopped rolling and production left, it was just him and I in the hotel room, all night, no mics, no cameras and this man said, “We’re going to watch a movie. What kind of movies do you like?” And I was like, “Are you serious? That wasn’t just for TV?” and he was like, “I’m really not going to [try anything]. We have a few more weeks ahead and I don’t want it to be awkward because…feelings.” This man put on a movie, we were laying down in the bed cuddled up, and he fell asleep. [Laughs]

What movie was it?
It was some ninja sorta movies, no, it wasn’t a ninja movies. It was like an old fight movie?

Like a Kung Fu movie?
I don’t know. I just watched it because I’m not a TV or a movie person. And he knocked and fell asleep within like ten minutes. In the morning, I woke up before him and had to be out because we had call time at 8 AM.

Where a lot of the girls claiming to have slept with Game? Would they use that against on another in the competition?
Only one girl on the show claimed to be involved with him and that was Briona. We figured out that she had a previous relationship with him. They’ve been messing around for years. She kind of used that over our heads like, I’ve been here, I’ll always be here. No matter what I do he’s not getting rid of me, which proved evident many times. She did some dumb stuff and I swore that she was done and he kept her so there was clearly something there. It was annoying but it was just another element to the competition.

Do you think Jayceon has a type of woman that he normally gravitates toward?
Jayceon has a type for sure. He has two types, and I’m going to be totally honest. He likes mature, classy, sophisticated, beautiful, intelligent woman that are amazing. Like his baby mom, Tiffney she is a class act and he does like that. I feel like she and I have a lot of similarities, in the way that we carry ourselves. I don’t know her personally but just the way she carries herself and the way she presents herself to the public. On the hand he likes girls like Briona. Girls that are just crazy and young, and he’s said those are the girls that he is typically accustomed to and that’s what he’s trying to gear away from but that is what he likes: young, wild, pretty, crazy, fun girls.
Briona has been on Instagram implying that she and Game are now in a relationship? Is that true?
I can’t even call it a relationship. I’m just going off things that she’s said. She said they’ve been together three to four years, now he was with Tiffney three to four years ago. If you have been with him, there’s been a slew of women in between that time. That just goes to show me that you are not with him, you are someone that he dibbles and dabbles with when he feels like [it] and you’re there and you will continue to be there. A woman like myself would never stand for that, never, not even on a bad day. If that’s her thing? I’m not knocking her but I’m sure Jayceon has many women like that and he’s still not happy, he’s still looking for more. Even though he may be sleeping with you, he did not choose you.

If a man likes steak and you give him a burger, he’ll eat the burger but would he order the burger? No, he’ll order steak. If he wanted you, he would have chosen you but he didn’t. As far as their current relationship, that’s what she says and I can’t say otherwise because he hasn’t denied it. A woman will only say what her man allows her to say and he has not really stopped her so there must be some truth to it if he hasn’t discredited her claim.

Have you asked him to clarify what they are? Or asked him what’s true?
Jayceon likes to avoid things like that. He’ll say, “Are you going to listen to other people or are you going to listen to me? Briona can say whatever Briona wants to say, what are you going to believe?” And I’d say, “I want to believe what you tell me, so tell me something.” [Then he’d say,] “I’m telling you not to listen to what other people say,” [and I asked,] “Are you guys together or not?” [and he’d say,] “I’m out here working, what time do I have to be with Briona? I haven’t seen Briona.”

You said you’re not together at the moment but do you think there’s any chance you could find a way to make it work in the future?
When you love someone you can never say never but based on how things have been and if they continue to be this way, no. If things changed then, I would never say no but a lot would have to change and I’m not sure that that’s an option for him right now.

Rebecca Reveals the Status of Her Relationship with Game

Who did Lee Corso pick on ESPN’s College GameDay today?

Lee Corso has been many things — a college football coach, Burt Reynolds’ college roommate and America’s favorite college football lovin’ crazy grandfather on ESPN GameDay where he makes his ‘headgear picks’ each week on location during College Football Saturday.

A new season is here, and we will be tracking all of Corso’s picks right here. The coronavirus pandemic won’t allow for the usual crowds, but the ESPN crew still plans on traveling to gameday locations, starting Sept. 12.

Below, we’ve also included a history of all of Corso’s picks from 2018 and 2019.

Track all of Corso’s 2020 picks below:

Week 12: Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State

Corso failed to predict the correct Masters winner last week, but he’s still a perfect 9-0 in college football headgear picks this season. He’ll look to get the streak up to 10 with his choice of Oklahoma over Oklahoma State.

Week 11: Augusta National Golf Club (Masters)

College GameDay was live at Augusta National Golf Club in Week 11 in honor of Masters Week. So, naturally, this week’s headgear pick wasn’t for a college football game, but for who would win the Masters. Corso took Brooks Koepka to take the Green Jacket.

You never know if it’s a good or bad thing when Coach Corso makes his first @TheMasters pick on @CollegeGameDay but I will say the muscles are a good look coach!

Week 10: Clemson vs. Notre Dame

Corso pointed out that it’s been 43 years since Notre Dame beat Clemson. That didn’t lead him away from picking the Fighting Irish over the top-ranked Tigers in this top-4 matchup.

A reminder that Corso’s been perfect with his picks this season .

He picks Notre Dame to upset Clemson! ☘️

Week 9: Penn State vs. Ohio State

Corso picked No. 3 Ohio State to top No. 18 Penn State in a premiere Halloween night showdown. The coach hasn’t lost a headgear pick yet, entering Week 9.

Coach is going with the Buckeyes in Happy (Halloween) Valley! 🎃

Week 8: Minnesota vs. Michigan

With the Big Ten back in play, GameDay was in Minneapolis for Week 8 ahead of No. 18 Michigan vs. No. 21 Minnesota. Corso went with the Wolverines.

Corso’s going with the Wolverines and he has the numbers to back it up 🔵

Week 7: Alabama vs. Georgia

Corso not only donned an elephant head in his pick of Alabama over Georgia — he then stepped onto a giant (fake) elephant set up in his Orlando backyard.

Corso’s headgear pick this week is NEXT LEVEL 🐘

Week 6: Clemson vs. Miami (Fla.)

No. 1 Clemson was Corso’s choice in Week 6, marking the first time he went against Miami in three headgear pick opportunities this year.

After picking Miami twice this season, he lets poor @UM_Sebastian down by taking No. 1 Clemson!

Week 5: Georgia vs. Auburn

Corso picked Georgia ahead of its 125th all-time meeting with SEC rival Auburn. Part of his rationale? Corso claimed that Auburn doesn’t allow him to wear the school’s mascot head. “I’ve got no other choice.”

Coach Corso is taking No. 4 Georgia over No. 7 Auburn in Athens 🏈

Week 4: Miami (Fla.) vs. Florida State

Corso went with Miami for the second straight week, picking the Canes over rival Florida State.

For the second week in a row .


Week 3: Louisville vs. Miami (Fla.)

Ahead of the only ranked matchup of the weekend, Corso rocked the head of Sebastian the Ibis, picking Miami to beat host Louisville.

Corso has a soft spot for Louisville, but today it’s ALL ABOUT THE U 🙌

Week 2: Wake Forest vs. Clemson

For his first headgear pick of the season, Corso went against host Wake Forest in favor of preseason No. 1 Clemson.


Week 1: Bristol, Connecticut (ESPN Studios)

The GameDay crew didn’t hit the road for Week 1 of the 2020 season, but they still made their picks for Saturday’s top games, as well as Monday night’s BYU-Navy Labor Day matchup. There was no headgear pick this week, but Corso did reveal his CFP predictions: Alabama beating Clemson in the title game, with Notre Dame and Oklahoma also making the semifinals.

Track all of Corso’s 2019 picks below:

College Football Playoff semifinals: LSU vs. Oklahoma — Ohio State vs. Clemson

Lee Corso and the College Gameday crew didn’t have the usual crowd behind them but that didn’t stop them from making their picks for the College Football Playoff semifinals. Corso went with LSU and put on the headgear of Ohio State to set up a projected LSU vs. Ohio State national championship.

For the first time ever, Corso is picking Ohio State to win as the underdog ‼️

Week 16: Army vs. Navy

Ahead of the 120th all-time meeting between Army and Navy, Corso chose the Midshipmen to snap a three-year losing streak against the Black Knights.

“That’s an unfair question! You’re the only person born then!” – Charles Barkley 😅

Corso gives a history lesson before picking Navy.

Week 15: LSU vs. Georgia (SEC Championship)

The GameDay crew was in Atlanta ahead of the SEC Championship between LSU and Georgia. After a little hesitation, Corso asked for the Tiger head.

Lee Corseaux stays true to the brand 🐯

Week 14: Minnesota vs. Wisconsin

GameDay was in Minneapolis this week and Corso went with the home team. Minnesota over Wisconsin.

Week 13: Ohio State vs. Penn State

Corso went with the Buckeyes for the noon game in Columbus.

Coach Corso is backing the Buckeyes against Penn State!

Week 12: Oklahoma vs. Baylor

Corso faked out the Waco crowd before ultimately going with the Baylor Bears at home.

“Wait a minute. That’s the wrong head.”

Lee Corso pump-faked Baylor fans with his headgear pick 👀

Week 11: LSU vs. Alabama

Corso went against his preseason hunch and donned the Tiger head to the dismay of the Alabama faithful.

Week 10: SMU vs. Memphis

Corso had the home crowd going for a bit. only to reverse course and pick the Mustangs, with Jerry “The King” Lawler by his side.

Corso really did that to the Memphis fans!

He’s picking SMU to stay undefeated

Week 9 – South Dakota State vs. North Dakota State

Corso went with Corso the Bison, picking North Dakota State on the road against South Dakota State.

When in South Dakota . Corso picks North Dakota State!

Pat McAfee is distraught 🤣

Week 8 – Penn State vs. Michigan

Corso excited the Happy Valley crowd, going with Penn State over visitor Michigan ahead of Saturday night’s White Out game.

WE ARE ready, and so is Corso!

Week 7 – LSU vs. Florida

Florida made its second-straight appearance on GameDay, but Corso didn’t go with the Gators twice in a row, donning a tiger head instead.

Week 6 – Auburn vs. Florida

Two top-10 teams square off in Gainesville, Florida as the Auburn Tigers visit the Gators. College GameDay was there, and Lee Corso picked the Gators.

⚠️ Lee Corso holding a live alligator ⚠️

Week 5 – Nebraska vs. Ohio State

The Buckeyes are in Lincoln, Nebraska this week to take on the Cornhuskers. Gameday is there, and so is Lee Corso, who went with Ohio State.

Lee Corso breaking Gabrielle Union and Nebraska fans’ hearts 💔

Week 4 – Georgia vs. Notre Dame

It was the second time Notre Dame and Georgia played in the past three years and Gameday was in Athens, Georgia, to highlight the matchup. Corso, once again, went with the home team. UGA is the pick.

Did Lee Corso’s longstanding beef with Uga the dog affect his GameDay pick? 🤔

Week 3 – Iowa vs. Iowa State

It was Gameday’s first time in Ames, Iowa, and Corso went with the home team. Iowa State is the pick in this in-state rivalry game.

Corso had Ames on the ropes with his headgear pick 👀

Week 2 – Texas vs. LSU

With GameDay in Austin, TX, Corso went with the higher-ranked Tigers in the No. 6 vs. No. 9 matchup.

Corso is going with LSU, to Matthew McConaughey’s dismay.

Week 1 – Auburn vs Oregon

From Fort Worth, TX, Corso went with his favorite headgear and picked the Oregon Ducks.

Week 1- Clemson vs. Georgia Tech

After sharing a Shakespeare quote, Corso picked No. 1 Clemson against fellow ACC foe Georgia Tech.

Coach Corso picks the defending champs 🐅

Week 1 – Miami vs. Florida

Corso’s first headgear pick of the year — from Disney World in Orlando — went to Florida.

Lee Corso makes his first pick of the season for Miami-Florida:

Here are all of Corso’s picks for the 2018 season:

In 16 picks during the 2018 season, Corso went 9-7 with his headgear picks. He started the season 3-0, and finished by correctly calling Clemson’s championship win, but the middle of the year was a rough patch.

Here’s every Corso pick from last year:

CFP National Championship Game – Alabama vs. Clemson

In the final game of the 2018 season, Corso went with the upset and picked the Clemson Tigers to beat the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Week 15 – Army vs. Navy

In Philadelphia for the 119th edition of the Army-Navy game, Corso sided with the Midshipmen. Corso was a defensive backs coach at Navy from 1966-68.

Week 14 – Alabama vs. Georgia – SEC Championship

In Atlanta, Corso picked the Tide to beat the Bulldogs in the SEC Championship.

Week 13 – Ohio State vs. Michigan

At Ohio State, Corso went with Michigan for rivalry week.

Week 12 – UCF vs. Cincinnati

In sunny Florida, Corso, dressed as a larger-than-life Knight, picked UCF to beat the Bearcats.

Week 11- Boston College vs. Clemson

On a chilly Boston area morning, Corso picked Clemson.

Week 10 – LSU vs. Alabama

In Baton Rouge, Corso teased the crowd by playing the LSU fight song, but in the end he picked the Tide.

Week 9 – Georgia vs. Florida

Rocking the Gator head, Corso chose Florida to knock off SEC rival Georgia in Jacksonville.

Week 8 – Oregon vs. Washington State

In Pullman, Corso picked the Cougars to beat the Ducks.

A Corso headgear pick Wazzu fans have waited a lifetime for!

Week 7 – Wisconsin vs. Michigan

In Ann Arbor, Corso picked the Badgers to come away with the upset in the Big House.

Week 6- Oklahoma vs. Texas

At GameDay in Dallas this week, Corso picked Oklahoma.

Corso made his pick for the Texas-OU in a way only he could

Week 5 – Penn State vs. Ohio State

At GameDay in Happy Valley this week, Corso picked Penn State.

Week 4 – Stanford vs. Oregon

At GameDay in Eugene, Corso picked the Ducks, and held a live duck.

Week 3 – Ohio State vs. TCU

Corso donned the Brutus Buckeye head gear in Week 3, picking Ohio State to defeat TCU.

Week 2 – Clemson vs. Texas A&M

In Week 2, Corso picked the road team Clemson, and put on a Tiger head.

Week 1 – Notre Dame vs. Michigan

In Week 1, Corso wore a Hunchback of Notre Dame outfit (?). and picked Notre Dame.

Who did Lee Corso pick on ESPN College GameDay? Here we track all his picks. ]]>