who is the main character in the lottery

Who is the characters of the story the lottery?

Similarly, it is asked, who are the characters in the lottery and their roles?

The Lottery Characters

  • Tessie Hutchinson. The woman selected by the lottery to be sacrificed, she is stoned to death by the villagers at the very end of the story.
  • Davy Hutchinson. The youngest Hutchinson child, Davy, is too young to understand the proceedings of the lottery.
  • Mr. Joe Summers.
  • Old Man Warner.
  • Mrs.
  • Jack Watson.

One may also ask, who is Eva in the lottery? Eva is Bill and Tessie’s oldest daughter. Since she is married, she draws with her husband’s family and does not participate in the final lottery drawing with the rest of the Hutchinsons. Nancy is Bill and Tessie Hutchinson’s 12-year-old daughter.

Simply so, how are the characters different in the lottery?

The ways that the characters differentiated is some wish to see someone die and others do not believe in the lottery. Tessie is singled out as the “winner” because she shouts at Mr. Summer claiming that he did not give Bill Hutchinson enough time. Usually, Lottery would refer to winning something good not bad.

What is the point of view of the story the lottery?

The point of view of “The Lottery” is the third person point of view. The narrator obviously knows characters and things that are happening, but a third person narrator means that the story’s narrator is not a character within the story.

The main characters in “The Lottery” are Mr. Summers, Mr. Graves, Bill Hutchison, and Tessie Hutchison.

The Lottery

by Shirley Jackson

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Character Role Analysis

The Village

The protagonist is, strictly speaking, supposed to be the hero of the story. But does “The Lottery” have a hero? We mean, there’s Tess Hutchinson, we guess, but for all of the fact that she’s the victim of the lottery, her death is almost incidental to the process of the story. It’s the foil for the villagers’ self-defeating quest for group coherence: they murder one of their own every year so that those who remain can bond over the event.

But, by murdering one of their own every year, how much trust can they really share? Mrs. Delacroix turns on a dime to help kill Tess Hutchinson; she thinks nothing of it.

So the village itself seems to us to be the hero with the fatal flaw: it’s trying to remain cohesive as a unit, but at what cost?

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