win 1 million dollars online

Win a Million Dollars

Win a Million Dollars lists dollar jackpot games. Progressive slot games, table games, lottery jackpots & scratchcards with jackpot prizes are listed too.

USA$ Jackpot Prize Bonuses Visit Here
$4,171,626 400% Bonus on 1st Deposit
Largest US$ Jackpot Slot
Play Aztecs Millions
$1,832,208 400% Bonus to $4000
Over 500 Games at this Venue!
Play Jackpot Pinatas
$926,927 400% Bonus up to $4000
Recommended US$ Casino.
Play Megasaur Slot
$413,583 100% Bonus
Classic Egyptian Slot Jackpot Game
Play Cleopatra’s Gold Slot
$7,479 200% Bonus + 30 Free Spins
Best Rival Slot Jackpot
Play Strike Gold Jackpot Slot
Dollar Based Jackpot Slots

Best Dollar Jackpots Online

The growth of online gambling means there are more dollar jackpots online that players can win big on. We list the best million dollar jackpot games.

Click on any jackpot game to play at a safe reviewed venue. Please note that to win real money jackpots, it takes real money. It is always wise to budget and play with what is affordable.

There are many million-dollar jackpot games available. As ever in particular jurisdictions, it is always prudent to check if wagering on Dollar Jackpot games is legal.

Win a Million Dollar Venues & Jackpot Games

We select the best Million Dollar Progressive Jackpot venues. Players worldwide play these slot jackpot games. We list games from a variety of providers that we have personally tested and reviewed.

Dollar Table Games – Craps – Roulette and Blackjack Jackpots

Dollar Roulette and Blackjack games loved by Casino players everywhere.

Craps is another game with better than average odds. It is a thoroughly American gambling game with multiple throws available to players. That tilts the odds to be slightly in favour of the player.

Baccarat is another popular table game with an appeal to players in both land-based and online casinos. Both Craps & Baccarat were only available in US$ just a few short years ago.

Casino Table Game Bonuses Play Here
US$ Dollar – Blackjack Up t0 $4300 Bonus
Mobile Casino Games
Top US$ Blackjack Games
Play US$ BlackJack
US$ Dollar – Roulette All US$ Roulette Games
Live/Mobile Roulette Game Ready
Play US$ Roulette
US$ Online Craps – Dice Games Top US$ Casino
Instant Play Ready
Play US$ Craps
Dollar Based Table Games

Million Dollar Jackpot History

The majority of million-dollar games available are predictably slot jackpots. Each slot jackpot boasts individual features, bonuses, and prizes. They also possess different prize amounts which are of primary importance.

Be sure to check if there are betting/wagering requirements when trying to win a jackpot. Some games will require that you wager a specific amount to be able to be eligible to win a top-level prize.

Dollar Lottery Jackpot Games

Lottery Jackpot games are the most popular way to try and win a million. They are low cost and boast substantial jackpot prizes. There are top lottery jackpot games to choose too.

The availability of online lottery games has meant that it is now possible to win lottery prizes from anywhere in the world.

We list USA Lottery games as well as European Lotteries. Be aware that the chances of winning a lottery jackpot are enormous.

Win a Million Dollars Scratch Card Jackpot Games

Online Scratch Card games have grown hugely popular. There is a good reason for this. The instant jackpot nature of prizes is attractive to our modern instant gratification culture. Who wouldn’t want to win a ridiculous amount? They say it does happen.

$ Scratch Card Game Venue Top Prize Bonuses Play Here
Cherry Jackpot $2,595,797 400% Bonus to $4k
Mobile Casino Ready
Million Dollar Scratch Card Games Online

With a single scratch card, prizes get paid out regularly. At present, there are bigger prizes in Euro and British Pound scratch card games. Dollar Scratch Card games have only recently become available.

Play It Wise – Do Not Break The Bank

When trying to win a million dollars, it is essential to set a budget. It is not an easy, or a sure thing to earn any prize money. If it were, there would be a lot more millionaires. Always set a budget and only use what you can afford.

All Million Dollar Jackpot games should be for entertainment purposes only. We know that this is easier said than done. There is a massive range of jackpot games, and all are entertaining.

The fact is, losing more money than you can afford does have disastrous consequences.

The Legals

As ever it is always advisable to make sure that games you are playing are legal from within the jurisdiction you are playing in.

That is important for many factors. Legal Casinos will most definitely payout as they are subject to gambling commission rules.

We list the most trusted dollar jackpot venues online.

Win a Million Dollars lists US$ games with Million Dollar Jackpot. There are quality online venues to win jackpots at, we list them here!

10 Foolproof Ways To Make A Million Dollars

Sell 477,000 apps in the App Store or 714,000 self-published books on Amazon’s Kindle; the choice is yours.

Either way you’ll be rich!*

Here are 10 clever ways to make $1 million online →

*We know revenue doesn’t always equal profit, but it does for the sake of these scenarios.

Sell 714,286 Self-Published Books On A Kindle

Average cost of a book sold: $2

Profits you keep: 70%

Million-dollar math: For every $2 book sold, you keep $1.40. $1.40 X 714,286 books = $1,000,000.40

Who did it: Earlier this year, 26-year old Amanda Hocking was the best-selling “indie” writer on the Kindle store. She was selling around 100,000 copies per month at $1 to $3 a pop which set her on track to pocket a few million dollars.

Sell 477,483 apps in the App Store

Average cost of an app: $2.26, but since Apple doesn’t let people sell apps for that amount well round up to $2.99.

Profits you keep: 70%

Million-dollar math: For every $2.99 app sold, you keep $2.093. $2.093 X 477,784 apps = $1,000,001.91

Who did it: Doodle Jump’s Igor and Marko Pusenjak, Tap Tap Revenge and Peter Verterbacka of Rovio’s Angry Birds

Rent your car for 8,680 days (208,334 hours) on GetAround

What it is: GetAround lets you rent your car to strangers for an hourly rate of your choosing. GetAround covers all insurance and other costs of operating the service, and renters are responsible for the gas they use.

There are no expenses beyond GetAround’s 40% commission.

Average cost per hour: $8.00 per hour.

Profits you keep: 60%

Million-dollar math: For every hour, you keep $4.80. $4.80 X 208,334 hours = $1,000,003.20

Who did it: No one yet. Be the first.

Teach 5,082 Skillshare classes

What it is: Skillshare lets anyone teach a class on anything they’re good at. Teachers set the cost of the ticket, find a venue, and pick a day to host a class on a topic of their choosing. Skillshare takes 15% of all tickets sold and PayPal takes 3%.

Average cost per ticket: Tickets range from free to hundreds of dollars. According to a third-party source, the average ticket cost is $24 dollars. Classes have about 10 people in them. Teachers keep all cash aside from paying Skillshare 15% of the revenue and PayPal 3%, so they make around $196.80 per class.

Profits you keep: 82%

Million-dollar math: $196.80 X 5,082 classes = $1,000,137.60

Who did it: No one yet. Be the first.

Sell yourself 250,000 ways on Fiverr*

Average cost per gig: Everything costs $5.

Profits you keep: 80%

Million-dollar math: For every $5 gig sold, you keep $4. $4 X 250,000* gigs = $1,000,000

Who did it: No one yet. Have at it.

*Currently Fiverr only lets users sell 20 gigs per account. So you’d either have to make 12,500 accounts or go in on this with a whole lot of friends.

Sell 10,262 business plans on eBay

Cost per business plan: $111 ( £68.00)

Profits you keep: eBay charges a $0.50 insertion fee, 15.0% of the initial $50.00, plus 5.0% of the remaining final sale price balance which leaves you with $97.45 per business plan sold.

Million-dollar math: $97.45 X 10,262 business plans = $1,000,031.90

Who did it: Earlier this year, Samuel Katabaaz tried to sell 99,999 copies of his startup’s business plan for £68.00 each. The idea was to fund his startup without giving up any of the equity. It’s not clear how many items he actually sold.

Tweet 800,000 sponsored messages on MyLikes

What it is: Tweet out sponsored messages and get paid a few cents every time one of your followers clicks on the ad.

Average cost per click: Cost per click is different for every user based on a calculated MyLikes Engagement Score. The score is determined by the user’s activity on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Over time, the score changes based on how many clicks the user generates per sponsored tweet.

MyLikes tells us for a person with a few thousand followers, the average earning per click is between $0.10-$0.25. If you have 100,000+ followers, you can earn up to $1 per click.

For the sake of this scenario, we’ll put the average CPC at $0.25.

Profits you keep: 100%

Million-dollar math: $0.25 X 4,000,000 clicks = $1,000,000. If 5 people click every sponsored tweet, you’re looking at 800,000 tweets.

Who did it: Some of MyLikes’ celebrity tweeters, like Snooki and Khloe Kardashian, have made $40,000 per month on MyLikes. At that rate, it wouldn’t take long to hit $1 million.

Complete 3,225,807 HITS on Mechanical Turk

What it is: Sign up to do freelance work at costs often below minimum wage.

Average cost per gig: In 2009, NYU professor Panagiotis Ipeirotis tracked all MTurk HITS (Human Intelligence Tasks) for two months and found the average value of HITS posted per day was $2,000. Most people, he estimated, use the site one day per week and earn about $20.

But most of the recent HITS we found only pay a few cents per completed task. Businessweek tried out the service for seven hours one day, completing about 15 jobs, and making just $0.63 per hour. That comes out to $0.31 cents per HIT. We’ll use $0.31 cents/HIT for our calculation.

Profits you keep: 90% — Amazon takes 10% commission of every final HIT payment with a minimum fee of half a cent.

Million-dollar math: $0.31 X 3,225,807 HITS = $1,000,000.17

Who did it: We hope no one. It sounds grueling.

Rent your Manhattan apartment for 10,520 nights

What it is: Rent a room in your apartment to a stranger for an amount and length of your choosing.

Average cost per rental: Hosts can charge renters whatever rate they want per night. Costs depend a lot on the host’s location though. AirBNB has a rate recommendation widget based on the host’s location.

When we typed in “Private Bedroom in NYC” it recommended we charge $98 per night. Even though NYC rates are higher than many other cities, we’ll use the $98 estimate for our calculation.

Profits you keep: 97% of the total rent cost.

Million-dollar math: For every $98/night rental, you keep $95.06. $95.06 X 10,520 nights = $1,000,031.20

Who did it: If no one has done it yet, a few AirBNB users are well on their way. Daren from London says he has made $100,000 via AirBNB. Jeff from Paris says he’s made $90,000.

Cofounder Brian Chesky also decided to go homeless everyday for a few months, so he probably made some good money using his service during that time.

Sell 1,000,000 pixels on a webpage to advertisers

Cost per pixel: $1

Profits you keep: 100%

Million-dollar math: $1 X 1,000,000 pixels = $1,000,000

Who did it: 21-year-old Alex Tew.

BONUS: Scam an angel investor

Everyone says it’s easy to get funding right now (Bubble!). Act like you’re starting a company, raise $1 million and run for the hills.

Who did it: A few startups come to mind, but we’ll get in trouble if we drop names [Color, anyone?]

For more abstract ways to make money, check out

9 Ridiculous Ideas That Made People Ridiculously Rich >>

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10 Foolproof Ways To Make A Million Dollars Sell 477,000 apps in the App Store or 714,000 self-published books on Amazon’s Kindle; the choice is yours. Either way you’ll be rich!* Here are ]]>