win 2 dodge challengers

Win Two Dodge Challengers!

There are few things in life that allow you to both do something to benefit yourself and help others at the same time but the people at Dream Giveaway have figured out how to make that happen. The company raises money for charity (in this case New Beginnings Children’s Homes) and the way they do it is simple. They sell tickets and then give away a pair of awesome cars to the winning ticket holder. Since you are reading about it on these pages, we’re guessing you’ve already figured out that it’s something Mopar up for grabs. Not just any two hunks of Chrysler goodness though, but rather a 1970 Challenger R/T 440/four-speed and a 2015 Challenger Hellcat (they call it “Hellcat X”) that uses twin turbos with the factory blower to make 850 hp. Yes, you win them both in one shot.

Getting your shot to take these two black beauties home is pretty simple. You can go to and click the link for the Challenger giveaway (they have other ones going on too, but who wants the Bow Tie or Blue Oval stuff, right?) and then click the “enter now” button, which will bring you to the screen where you can order your tickets. From $3 to $5,000, you decide how many tickets/chances you want in the drawing. You can also enter by phone if you call 877-700-8946. There is a mail-in option as well.

The 1970 Challenger is an interesting case, as it is one of less than 100 produced with this particular set of options and it was also the “star car” of a Challenger television commercial. The Hellcat X was built with styling cues inspired by the Hellcat XF6F WWII fighter plane that wreaked havoc in the skies against our enemies during that conflict. Between the two cars you are looking at more than 1,000 hp and enough cool factor to freeze out your entire county.

The Dream Giveaway people have been at this for years so this is not some unproven experiment. They have been raising money and giving out cars for longer than we can remember. Throwing down a few bucks to charity with the opportunity to own both of these cars at the same time with some cash thrown in ($40,000!) to offset the tax hit you’d take as well? Hello?! How awesome is that?

The Hellcat X

© Provided by Hotrod Like a gangster flipping a coin under a streetlight in an old movie, the Hellcat X just oozes a feeling of vicious power. Steer clear, because this isn’t your ordinary Hellcat!

How do you make the baddest even badder? The meanest even more ferocious? You hand the car to the professionals and tell them to go to town. That’s exactly what happened with the Hellcat X. Those professionals were Walsh Motorsports, who did the turbocharger installation and fabrication, and Special Projects, who created all of the one-off Hellcat X logos, the fascia, the rear spoiler (from raw aluminum), and the interior styling enhancements.

As we all know, the 2015 Hellcat with 707hp is the most powerful muscle car ever offered by a car company and we’ve had seat time in one of these cars, which left us slobbering and wanting a lot more. When we think about the addition of about 150 hp to the mind eraser that the stocker is we literally start frothing at the mouth like any real gearhead would.

In stock form, the Hellcat is pretty devious because the only thing that serves to let the world know that you shouldn’t be messed with are the little hellcats on the sides of the front fenders, but with this car, inspired by the Hellcat XF6F fighter from WWII, that is not a problem. The full-kill front splitter, rear spoiler, and badges will let everyone know that even trying would be total folly. The fact that the thing is wrapped in menacing black really completes the look. Not that we have anything against the other colors, but c’mon. Full intimidation mode right there. Even as good as this Hellcat X is, options are a wonderful thing to have …

The Dream Giveaway will be giving away two Dodge Challengers to benefit charity. All you have to do is enter.