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Due to popular demand, the $30 Package is no longer available.

8 tickets for $20


APRIL 30, 2020

JUNE 30, 2020

AUGUST 31, 2020

OCTOBER 31, 2020


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If you have already enrolled in the 2020 Payroll Deduction Program, your ticket purchases will continue to be deducted each pay period.

If you were enrolled in the 2019 Payroll Deduction Program you must Re-Opt in for 2020.

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You still have a chance to win by making a single ticket purchase or by enrolling in the Payroll Deduction Program.

Where Do Proceeds from the WinWin Staff Lottery Go?

When you buy a WinWin Staff Lottery ticket, proceeds are invested directly back to Alberta Area Hospitals.
That means it supports your hospitals and your community!
Together we can make a significant difference for our health care facilities across the province.


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Calgary Health Trust, Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation and Stride Management Corp. respect your privacy. We do not rent, sell or trade our mailing lists. The personal information collected will be used to process ticket orders and to contact you regarding ongoing and future lotteries and foundation activities. The names, cities and winning ticket numbers will be posted on Lottery website’s Winner’s Page.

Players Circle

Thank you for the opportunity and for having a great way to show support for our facilities. It is nice to see the updates on the deserving staff members who are winners and hear about their reaction to the news that they have won.

It is a great opportunity for people like me with big dreams and same time supporting the hospital I work, so I have one thing to say keep shining up! Thanks.

This is a great way to involve staff in what I think are beneficial decisions for their communities.

I think that the price of the tickets to participate in this lottery is reasonable, and the where the money goes is very helpful to all of us that use these facilities on a daily basis.

This is a great way to help out. I am a single mom so being able to still help without charging things to my credit card is terrific.

I am new to this lottery but it feels like the Stars Lottery. If you do not win its going to a fantastic cause. That’s important!

Good Idea. Having it available as a payroll deduction is brilliant, as one doesn’t have to remember to contribute. Sometimes I am off on deadline days and would forget. This way participation is automatic.

Its a great chance for all staff to help out a great cause and win money to.

Great service on both sides of this coin.

Love the online application – very easy to do! Best of luck to everyone and in the end, all our patients win. So that’s the best part of this! I feel like we’ve won already!

So thrilled that Strathcona Community Hospital is now included! Yeah. Thanks for doing this!

Good program, good cause.

Like any fundraiser, the more that goes towards the cause, the more likely I am to buy the ticket.

I think it is a good way to raise funds. The tickets are priced low enough that everyone can participate if they chose.

Just want to say how easy it was to buy tickets, very user friendly. Thanks.

Thank you for the opportunity to win cash and support a cause at the same time and making it affordable.

It is a simple and inexpensive way to donate to a good cause.

Great Idea for fundraising and donating. Payroll deductions makes it easy to participate.

This is a great idea. At this point in my life, I won’t notice $10 less on my pay cheque, but I know the impact such dollars make to our healthcare causes.

This is a wonderful way to raise funds and support excellent causes. Well done!

I like the idea of more frequent winners for less money and I love the idea that it is our own lottery.

It’s nice to see that more than hospitals are part of the lottery – some in AHS are not affiliated with a hospital – good job!

Sounds fair and money goes to a good cause.

Thank You for providing this Lottery through our employment. It is a great cause and a great opportunity to someday win.

I am very pleased to see that all care centers will be able to benefit from this lottery. The previous one I was enrolled in only seemed to benefit one hospital.

This is a nice way to raise money but also help someone out financially.

Hope to win and if not I’m glad money goes to a hospital because they are all in need of something.

Great program for our hospitals and staff. Win-win!

I like that we can designate our portion to a particular facility of our choosing.

Looking forward to making a difference! And Winning!

I spend so much time at my work place that I feel it is like my second home. I am proud to be working where I am, and am honored to be able to contribute to the provision of exceptional health care for our patients. Donating a tiny amount of money to my second home each pay period is not a big deal. I probably won’t even miss it! I think if every staff person contributed, collectively, it would add up to a significant amount of money that could be used to better our hospital in a very positive way.

This is a lottery with a cause. That’s why I love to be a part of it.

I like that it is quick and easy and not too expensive.

I think it is a great idea for a fundraiser.

Excited for the new format and feel the cause is worthy.

I have never heard of it before and I think it is a fantastic idea. It is very convenient having payroll deduction. I hope I am notified in future of any such fundraisers.

I think it’s a great idea.

I am looking forward to a lucky year in 2017. This is a good project that should continue to grow.

I can’t afford to donate lots of money, but everything helps and since a person can win some as well it is a win win.

I think it is great with the staff deductions from payroll, otherwise I probably wouldn’t find the time to do it regularly, this way you don’t even see it and you are contributing to a good cause.

This will be an exciting new lottery! After battling cancer in 2015, I’m grateful for those who have organized fundraising for causes like this to help people (like me), who have needed their help thoughout the year. I’ve got a positive outlook for a better year ahead! Thank you! 🙂

I’m glad the remaining sum is going towards a good cause.

I am glad that if I won, my hospital would benefit.

Great idea. Makes me feel like I’m not just gambling my money away.

I appreciate being able to choose where my money goes, it means a great deal.

I think this is a great cause/idea, I had never heard of it before today. Thank you!

I think this is a great idea to involve the entire province!

Thanks for providing local level lottery.

Great fundraising opportunity!

I think it’s excellent to be able to contribute to the hospital I work in and residents of my community.

It helps us and so as the charity organization involve.

I think this is a very good idea, especially that the funds raised stay in your own community!

It’s the first time since I have been working for AHS that I have seen this draw. I think it’s a wonderful idea and will participate yearly.

I think any lotto which raises money for the health care system is a worthwhile cause.

I think this is great in that it is win-win for us and for AHC facilities too. In addition, it is always a source of hope that you might win next time! Hope is so important in our lives.

Looking forward to participating and glad that it’s going to a good cause.

Please keep this up. Having payroll withdrawal is the best and easiest way to enter.

This sounds amazing, especially if it helps my hospital. Looking forward to a great year.

The lottery seems to be well organized.

I am happy to be a part of Winwin50 Staff Lottery & able to make a difference in helping even in my little way.

Thank you for providing this opportunity for staff and having money go back into our hospitals.

This is an excellent way for people to have a chance to win along with the charities.

It’s a great idea for a good cause. Thank you for the initiative.

A great way to fundraise with a great prize to those who donate.

Think this is a wonderful employee engagement initiative.

Wonderful way to raise money and i love the payroll deduction aspect.

Thank you and happy winnings for all.

I like to contribute to my community. Thank you for making it affordable to participate.

The fact that I can do this online is awesome.

I am just glad to see an incentive for staff to help raise funds for the health care system.

Awesome Lottery! Also, I like that the employee has an option as to where their contribution is distributed.

I think this is a great idea which will help local foundations with fund raising, our local fundraising efforts only yields about $300-400 per month but this money would make a difference in my life.

Staff lottery is awesome for cause. Its yahooooo AHS haha!!

I like the 50/50. It’s a small amount to pay for a good pay out and I love that the other 50% goes to help right in my community.

Winning a prize would be fantastic, but even if I don’t, I feel happy that my contribution is going to a very important cause.

I think this is a GREAT idea!! 🙂

Its wonderful way to give, along with making yours or someone else’s day with the winnings. $5 does truly make a difference in saving lives.

Never heard of it before and neither had my office mate. When the staff email came out we both opted in. The staff email seems like a great idea.

This is an exceptional opportunity to receive and give back!!

Glad to have the opportunity to give back in this format as this is the first time hearing about the opportunity. Process to donate was seamless as well.

I think this is an opportunity to help other people too as this is one of my priorities. It is a great feeling to win but sharing your blessing is the best happiness that I’ve ever experience in life.

I enjoy that payment can be made via payroll deduction.

Thanks for opening this up to other areas. As an AHS staff member and as a member of the public at the same time, the opportunity to help toward an elite health system for our province is important to me.

I think it is a great fundraiser. It benefits all.

I always believe that everything happens for a reason. I may or may not win, but I firmly believe that the winner deserves it and may this cause continue to we can help fund the Institutions even in a little way because that little way will make a huge difference when added over and over again on a monthly and hopefully yearly basis. To the organizers, thank you for making all this possible. We waste a lot on other expenditures and a five dollar ticket will make a foundation beneficial. GOD BLESS!

I love this idea, fun for the staff but yet it’s a good cause.

I am sure your lottery pot will be very useful for the foundations to make Albertan’s health care experience better.

I think it is a wonderful idea and opportunity to raise money for good causes while providing fantastic prizes! Thank you so very much.

Didn’t know about it until now – if I had known about it last year I would have done it last year! I love the ease of having payroll deductions – probably wouldn’t do it if there wasn’t that option!

I really like the fact that there are more draws each year now. Although a monthly draw offers a smaller prize than a quarterly draw, more people get to win. Also, winning $50,000 is nothing to complain about.

I really enjoy the large prize amounts! And the fact that the proceeds go to our local centre!

Thanks for providing some great prizes and the convenience of payroll deduction options.

Excellent engagement incentive.

Hope I win this time:-). Thank you for helping people and I hope this goes towards helping somebody too.

I rarely buy lottery tickets, however, seeing that it is a smaller lottery and it goes to a very worthy cause, the result is feeling better about having given money away, because it will be going to charity in in a sense. A wonderful idea, and yes is a win, win!

I think it’s a great way to raise funds and give the staff something to look forward to every month on the draw date!!

I think it’s great – we get to contribute but also have the chance of getting something back. It’s amazing! Payroll deductions also make it hassle free.

Love the payroll deduction option.

My father has cancer right now and it’s very important to me to make any donations to Cross Cancer or any cancer institute.

I am happy to see my hospital listed so I know the funds will make a difference where I work.

The Foundation has assisted my program with equipment purchases that were not in the budget for improvements. Thanks.

I think this lottery is brilliant. It gives the staff an incentive to not only give back but also to realize the possibility of financially bettering themselves, which is a win/win!

I think this is a great idea for giving back to the hospitals and a way to give employees a really cool staff lottery! It truly is a winwin!

As the name says it’s a win-win for everyone involved. It is our duty to help others less fortunate and or struggling with physical, mental or emotional health.

LOVE how easy it was to re-enroll. One click of the mouse and it renewed automatically. I get frustrated having to go through hoops trying to renew stuff. Thank you for making it so easy this time.

I love it! It’s a win/win for both sides. It’s very exciting to check and see if you have won. Makes things fun.

I like the idea of combining lottery winner and charity.

Glad that more staff have opportunity to win in 2016. Like the new format.

WinWin50 Lottery is supporting a good cause. If I win, it’s great. If not, it’s all good.

Being able to contribute to the hospitals of Alberta where I have been employed for 4 decades is my way of helping just a little to make them a better place for all Albertans.

It’s a fine way to spread some of the income and meet some of the needs.

This is a fantastic way to raise money for the hospitals.

This is a fun way to support our health foundations. Everyone in the end is a winner.

I think the lottery is a great idea, easy for staff to participate with the payroll deduction and not too hard on the pocketbook ☺

The lottery is a great way to raise funds and benefit our hard working members of staff.

It is a wonderful gesture to be able to donate or give back, to our institution of employment, no matter how small it all adds up. Also it is a wonderful opportunity for the probability of winning some well needed extra money for a better peace of mind in decreasing credits and putting away a little something extra towards children’s college fund and retirement.

I loved how easy it was to renew this year! That was awesome!

It’s a great way to help others.

I always like the idea of adding more prizes and more draws to give more chances to win, while supporting a great cause. Keep up the good work.

I think it’s a great way to help AHS and have fun too.

This is a very worthwhile endeavour, I hope it continues.

Thank you for offering this lottery!

WinWin50 Staff Lottery helps everyone and its fun!

I love supporting Hospitals, EPS, Fire and EMS services.

I feel this is a great thing and I hope you are able to raise more money than you did last year. Every little bit helps.

Like that the prizes have expanded. Spreading the wealth and providing extra opportunities to win big.

I believe we all have an obligation to share in the cost of healthcare to maintain what we have & see it bettered.

I enjoy it. Best thing is the prize amounts. You can really change the life of an employee and their family.

I believe that this is a great cause and it gives employees a chance to engage in some fun and to win some of the lottery.

This Lottery will greatly help those less fortunate person or foundation. And will also definitely help resolve family financial expenses and something to share to family in need. More power to WinWin and God Bless the people behind this project with a cause. God bless us! Hope I’ll be one of the winner in the future draw. More Power.

I really love the new prize format, more prizes more often!! Smaller amounts and more winners, I prefer that! Thanks.

Thank you for making easy and cost effective to participate. My small amount combined with others makes it benefit so many.

I think it’s a good way for me to contribute back to AHS and feel like I’m making a difference regardless of how small the difference might be.

I like the convience of this lottery. Simple to sign up and simple to pay for the ticket. Now I just have to do some winning!

This is a really good thing to raise money for such a great cause. I wish it continues for a long time.

Thank you for offering this lottery. It is a great way to give money back to the hospital.

It is for a great cause, and a bonus if you win.

It is nice to have this for staff.

I love payroll deductions and think this helps get more people involved.

I appreciate being able to choose to direct winnings to the hospital/centre of my choice to impact the community that I live in.

Thank you so much for doing this for everyone! Good Luck.

I think this is a great way to raise money. I really like the payroll deduction. This is an easy way for me to donate to a good cause and have a chance at winning a bit of money as well.

I think this lotto is fantastic. Its affordable for most staff and for a great cause.

I think it is a creative way to raise money and the term Win-Win is very fitting. Great idea.

This is a great way to help contribute; the price is affordable and we never have to leave our desk to participate.

I am a new employee at AHS and when I received this email I was very impressed with the cause as well as ability to win cash. It is a great way to contribute to a great cause!

I think that this lottery is a wonderful way to fundraise and to allow the person donating to allocate to the place of their choice. I also think it is a great way to give back to those donating as winning a prize of this nature can make a huge difference in one’s life financially.

This is a great idea. I hope you always have great success.

This is a great medium for fundraising. Makes it easy to participate and people will not talk themselves out of something so easy to do. Good Job!

Due to popular demand, the $30 Package is no longer available. 8 tickets for $20 4 NEW DRAWS. 100 WINNERS EACH. $1,000 EACH. DEADLINE APRIL 30, 2020 DEADLINE JUNE 30, 2020 DEADLINE