winning lottery stores in california

Want to boost your chances of winning the $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot? Try the ‘luckiest’ lottery outlet in California

This beach-town bodega has the lucky charm

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As with real estate, buying a winning lotto ticket is all about location, location, location.

Or at least it was for the winners of six jackpot tickets over a million dollars all purchased at the same spot – Allan’s Market Wine & Lotto in the small California beach town of Port Hueneme.

Allan’s tops the list of the California Lottery’s “Historical Lucky Retailers,” weighing in with a half-dozen winning million-dollar-or-more tickets under its belt. And that statistic, at least in the wacky world of lotto, ain’t chopped liver when you consider the odds of winning tonight’s Mega Millions to be one in 302 million.

To make California Lottery’s lucky list your outlet has to have sold at least two winning tickets of $1 million or more from the beginning of the Lottery in 1984 until 2013 when a redesigned Lucky Retailers program began.

So if you’re feeling frisky, head over to Port Hueneme and buy your tickets before 7:45 p.m. tonight in order to qualify for the 8 p.m. drawing for a jackpot that now stands at $1.6 billion. And if you can’t make it to Allan’s, here are seven things to know about the luckiest retailer in the Golden State:

  1. Just after 6 p.m. last Friday, just hours before the Mega Millions drawing, Manuel Morales Saenz II popped up on Facebook at Allan’s with Jon G. Morales “getting our billion dollar ticket!” They did not win.
  2. The store’s reputation for good fortune has preceded it for years now: “Never had to stand in a long line to buy a lotto til today,” Remiro Solis wrote on the store’s Facebook page in early 2016 when he was “feeling lucky at Allan’s Market Wine & Lotto;”
  3. Here’s a photo of a typical line outside Allan’s, posted on Facebook by Claudia Baez on March 30, 2012:

5. From January 2004 to October 2012, Allan’s produced 217 winners over $600, making it what the Venture County Star called “one of the most celebrated lottery retailers in the state;”

6. Allan’s is not to be confused to Allans Breakfast Club, a Berlin eatery that sells Ebbs Benny, Croque Monsieur and Avo Toast, each for less than 10 Euro;

7. Nizar “Nick” Asaad told the Star in 2012 that he bought Allan’s with his brother 10years earlier “because of the store’s long-standing reputation as a successful lottery retailer. ‘We’re a lucky location,’ Asaad said at the time, little knowing that the store’s luck was just getting started. ‘They all like to win,” he said of his loyal lotto clientele. ‘They all like to try to get the chance to win. You see people here sometimes every day, sometimes twice a day in the morning and the afternoon;”

8. Ninety percent of the store’s overall business, according to the 2012 article, is generated by lottery-ticket sales;

9. Allan’s sits in the middle of a strip mall called the Hueneme Bay Center, wedged in between a Denny’s and a 99 Cents Only store;

10. The place is mobbed every time a big drawing approaches; the LA Times reported during the 2016 Powerball frenzy “when the jackpot soared above $1 billion, customers swarmed the store, with some buying hundreds of dollars’ worth of tickets at one time;”

A look at the winningest lotto retailer in California