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Square Enix «в настоящее время оценивает» проблемы с выпуском Chrono Trigger Steam

Почитаемый как одна из лучших RPG всех времен, Chrono Trigger & rsquo; s выпуск ПК на Steam hasn & rsquo; t совсем ушел в план, с игрой, сидящей на & ldquo; в основном отрицательный & rdquo; (39% положительного) рейтинга обзора. В попытке решить некоторые проблемы, Square Enix взял на Chrono Trigger & rsquo; на странице новостей Steam, чтобы сказать, что они [……]

Детектив Пикачу по делу в последнем трейлере

A new Detective Pikachu video has been released, and it’s still a bit unsettling to hear the yellow cutie speak. Originally released in Japan during 2016, Detective Pikachu will arrive in Europe and North America in both digital and physical formats next month. In the action-adventure title, Pikachu is to figure out why Pokemon have […]

Rocket League DC Super Heroes DLC Pack с двумя премиальными боевыми машинами Бэтмена в марте

The Batmobile приходит в Ракетную лигу. Сегодня Psyonix объявила о выпуске пакета DLC DC Super Heroes для Rocket League. В пакет входят два премиальных боевых автомобиля и более 20 предметов настройки и баннеры игроков на основе Aquaman, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman и других.

Проверьте почти два часа выпуска Minecraft Bedrock Edition для Switch

Minecraft Bedrock Edition для коммутатора была продемонстрирована Microsoft в недавнем потоке новостей. Живой поток для Minecraft Bedrock Edition показывает около двух часов работы на коммутаторе. Free для пользователей коммутаторов, которые владеют Minecraft, Bedrock добавляет обновление Better Together для консоли, которая в настоящее время доступна на Xbox One, Windows 10 и на мобильных устройствах. [….]

Pokemon GO икры для Luvdisc и Chansey увеличились, чтобы отпраздновать День святого Валентина

Лувдиск находится в воздухе, везде, где вы смотрите. Игроки Pokemon GO найдут больше Luvdisc сегодня из-за увеличения скорости появления Pokemon & rsquo; s. Ninatic Labs объявили специальное мероприятие этим утром как мини-мероприятие Valentine & s s. Мало того, что игроки найдут больше Luvdisc, для каждого из которых раздаются три раза [& hellip;]

Города: Skylines бесплатно играть в выходные дни через Steam

Если вы когда-либо хотели дать городам: Skylines попробовать, теперь ваш шанс. С сегодняшнего дня до воскресенья вы можете играть в Города: Skylines в ваше сердце и бесплатно, через контент Steam. Если вы решите, что это было достаточно приятным для покупки, Города: Skylines также продается на 75% до 12 февраля. Таким образом, вместо запуска [& hellip;]

11% разработчиков работают над играми с лубочными боксами в соответствии с обзором GDC State of the Game Industry

One-in-ten game developers are working on games that will be supported by “paid item crates” according the State of the Game Industry survey, presented by GDC. The sixth-annual survey was completed by nearly 4,000 people. When asked, “Which business model(s) are you planning to use for your next completed game,” 11% of respondents indicated that […]

Gran Turismo Sport получает 10 новых автомобилей в бесплатном обновлении на этой неделе

Sony’s flagship racer Gran Turismo Sport will be getting 10 new cars in a free update this week. The news comes by way of a cryptic tweet from series producer Kaz Yamauchi, who posted the silhouettes of 10 cars at the weekend. Update is coming next week. 来週、アップデートが来ます。#GTSport #GTSports — 山内 一典 (@Kaz_Yamauchi) January 20, […]

Call of Duty: WW2 была самой продаваемой игрой 2017 года, PS4 — самой продаваемой консолью, отчетами NPD

Activision Blizzard’s blockbuster shooter, Call of Duty: WW2 was the best selling game of 2017 across all platforms, according to NPD’s December report. COD was also the highest selling game in December – the eighth consecutive year a Call of Duty title has taken the top spot over the holidays. The report covers US physical […]

Покемон Солнце и Луна: легендарный покемон будет раздаваться игрокам ежемесячно в феврале — ноябре

Starting next month, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon players will be handed Legendary Pokemon thanks to the latest distribution program. Some of the most sought-after Pokemon will be distributed to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon, and original Sun and Moon players throughout most of 2018, starting in February. Each month this year from February to […]

pegi-3 Square Enix «в настоящее время оценивает» проблемы с выпуском Chrono Trigger Steam Почитаемый как одна из лучших RPG всех времен, Chrono Trigger & rsquo; s выпуск ПК на Steam hasn &

From IBM to PEGA: #3 System Tasks

The study of Pega Platform goes on and I find myself again onto something that feels relevant: CPU activity. Pega treats system processing with a different approach, and I think it is worth to take some time to have a closer look into it.

Scripts vs Activities
The tools offer two completely different solutions: IBM provides “Scripts” to write any Javascript code needed to perform system operations, while Pega provides “Data Transforms” and “Activities”, which are basically lists of input fields to define actions.

Data Transforms are rules intended to perform small conversions and assignments. They are implemented as a list of actions that execute in the order defined in the rule.

Activities are meant for more complex operations that are not possible using other tools (like Data Transforms or Calculated Fields). They consist of a sequence of standard methods and actions, and eventually (although strongly discouraged) they can contain calls to Java code.

IBM script items can contain any Javascript code, so the developer has all the possibilities provided by the language to perform the operations he needs.

When and Where?
The difference between IBM scripts and Pega activities does not only affect the implementation itself. There is another important aspect, and it is “how to use them?”. When and where can you use a script or an activity?

And the answer for IBM is anywhere, anytime. You can always include a script item in the flow, either in a process or in a service, and write the code you need. Processes even offer a system lane, where all the system operations (scripts or services) should be placed. Services can include any number of scripts and nested system services. So, as we can see, flexibility is maximum. Besides, every item in a process or service has the possibility to have some pre- and post-script that executes right before or right after the item.

Pega, on the other hand, does not allow to add system operations so easily. They always need to be attached to some other element in the case definition. Data transforms and activities can be added to a connector between user assignments, which requires opening the process flow diagram and editing the configuration of the connector. The other option to locate them is as a pre- or post-processing of another user assignment, via the configuration of the user assignment itself.

Scheduled tasks
Both tools support the execution of scheduled tasks in a very similar way. IBM uses Undercover Agents (UCAs) to define the date, time and frequency to execute a service. Pega provides Job Schedulers, which work in the same way as UCAs, allowing to specify date, time and frequency of execution for the activities.

Even though BPM is oriented to orchestration of tasks performed by different actors within a process, and thus should be focused on facilitating user-related tasks, there is always a big part of CPU time happening. Initializations, calculations, decisions and information exchange are present in almost any scenario, so system activities always have an important role as well.

Here is a quick comparison of the different points we have discussed:

The general impression is that Pega does not give this feature so much importance. There is not a clear room for it, but activities in case types are always “hidden” behind other elements: associated to process flows or executed as pre/post activities of other flow actions. Meanwhile, IBM has a specific place for them in the system lane of the process and allows to have them anywhere inside services.

Besides, IBM supports Javascript code and Java libraries, which provides absolute flexibility to do whatever you need. On the other hand, Pega limits the possibilities to the methods that it provides and bounds their use to those rigid, structured lists of actions. As a result, IBM looks much more powerful and versatile while Pega feels more restricted and unfriendly to use.

So to sum up, I have to stick with IBM on this one. I definitely find it better prepared to handle all the system activity. Pega is looking so dark and limited for me! Or maybe it is just a matter of experience… Only time will tell.

From IBM to PEGA: #3 System Tasks The study of Pega Platform goes on and I find myself again onto something that feels relevant: CPU activity. Pega treats system processing with a different ]]>