you always win ark

You always win ark

Welcome to my guide on How to Win Ark: Survival Evolved.

Ark is an incredible game. Immerse yourself in the challenges it presents to you and test your tenacity. Play and discover what you love about this game.

I will cover many aspects of the game in my lessons. The core values of this game will remain, while some of the technical aspects will evolve at the developers will.

Take what you read with a grain of salt, as it is written from my experiences. As they say ‘There’s more than one way to skin a cat’, and so, there is more than one way to ‘Win’ in Ark.

Whatever you do, do it because you enjoy it. It’s a game, have fun, and good luck Survivors.

Congratz on finding the courage to download one of the most horrifyingly awesome games you will ever play.

Right now, you know nothing, and even worse, you don’t understand what you don’t know.

But that’s ok. If you’re scared. you should be. Huge, hungry, carnivorous dinosaurs await you on the other side.

When you decide what server you wish to start your journey on, choose wisely. PvP, PvE, Official or Private all have their advantages and disadvantages. Pick accordingly.

The one piece of advise I can offer to a new player is: All things created are impermanent, strive on with awareness. -Buddha

The first few hours are the worst. You are weak, unaccustomed to the game, and unfamiliar to the landscape. Don’t be discouraged, this will surely change. Other players are there to help and hurt you, tread carefully.

Have Fun, Survivor

The single most valuable thing in Ark, is your experience. It allows you to make good decisions, live longer, and live stronger. There are 2 ways that we learn the game, but the most common is through failure. Well, sometimes, the hard earned lessons are expensive, like putting kibble on your argent then flying around looking for a tame, or pressing J inside your egg farm, or going into combat when you’ve never fired a pistol.

The best thing you can do for your tribemates and new recruits, is train them.
In this guide I will touch on the essential areas of experience that your tribe needs.

One of the scariest things you can do in Ark, is bring a noob into your tribe. You already know they are going to do something stupid, and get dinos killed.

Funny story: On a pervious server, 25, we had a noob recruit by the name of BugsBunny. He didn’t speak much English. He used to whistle all the time to get our attention in game, and he had no idea what J did. So one day he pressed J and all the dinos started following him. He was running back and forth in base yelling over his microphone “HeeeellllP!! Heeeelllpp!’. He was scared because the carnos were chasing him and he thought they were trying to kill him. I was typing in chat and yelling at him to PRESS U! PRESS U! But it was too late, he jumped off the cliff we lived on, and the dinos followed him. I managed to save a few but a bunch drowned.

This is why training is essential. Yes, even whistle training…

The best training exercise I required for noobs to enter my tribes, was to make them tame a raptor of their own. We provided them the meat and narcos to get the job done, but they had to go find the raptor, lead it back, and tame it. That raptor was theirs and only theirs to ride. It gave them pride, a sense of accomplishment, and a dino to get killed because they are dumb.

Whistle exercises, making them set their Whistle All key to ‘ ] ’ so that it would be hard to accidentally press that. Showing them where stuff is stored in base, show them the area and where to get the best resources, telling them who are the tribe friends, and who to avoid. Have them make tons of narco so they can level up, let them ride the carno before the rex, and show them how to get meat. They need to understand the capabilities of each dino, without the possibility of losing them… especially flying dinos.

Lastly, ask your new players what they are interested in; building, taming, pvp. Educate them accordingly, and give them essential tasks in the tribe to develop those skills.

While you may have solo tamed a quetzal, some of your guys maybe only tamed a raptor solo. Educating them on the tools that can and should be used for knocking a dino out, and why kibble is the best thing in the game.

How to gently knock out a dino, as to get the best tamed levels. Starving the dino, how to hustle jerky, how to encourage high level wild spawns, and where to find the best dinos.
I can tell you where I think the best taming spots are, but every server might have some differences, so you should know best.

I know you are eager for this section. PvP is one of the smallest parts of the game, if you consider the time spent doing anything else. But it is the threat of PvP that drives us to build bigger, tame more, and wear armor.

Giving every tribe member a combat 101 course will be invaluable in the future, whether you’re attacking or defending. Even doing a friendly, war games with another tribe without risking dinos, is a good way to get experience.

Gun Damage – Line your tribe up naked, have a primitive pistol, have everyone look at their inventory + health. Shoot each one in the torso, and ask them how much damage was caused. Do the same thing with different guns, as well as wearing cloth armor, leather, chitin, and metal. Knowing the damage caused by certain weapons is very valuable. Even hand weapons too.

Dino Damage – Same thing, line your tribe up, tell them how much damage the dino has, give everyone a chomp.

Dino Riding – Being skilled at picking someone up from a moving dino is a nice skill to have. Have your tribe practice doing that to eachother. They will soon realize how hard it is to pick someone up from a sprinting saber with an argent.

Suicide – Part of PvP is imprisoning people, they need to know how to handle themselved when knocked out or locked up. i.e. Kill Yourself

Shooting – Have your tribe fight each other with scoped rifles or shotguns, or even pick off dinos. They need to know how to hit someone, and how the weapons do damage.

Explosives – Throwing grenades is something everyone should know how to do. Not just how to land them close to a door, but how to hold them for 4.5 seconds before throwing, to hit targets above the ground. C4 is expensive, but if you do it once, you get the jist of it. Educating your tribe on how many grenades it takes to destroy a reinforced wood door, or how many C4 it takes to blow down a behemoth gate door.

Advanced Tactics – Using things like platform buildings and turrets, or boats. Creating safe zones, quickly setting up turret bases, dropping grenades from argents, shooting while being carried on an argent, etc.

Tribes are the bread of this game. The social interaction, co-operative taming and fighting, and trading between tribes are a core part of this game.

Some of you will be a great asset to any tribe, and some of you will be great solo players.

The following lessons will cover all the aspects of managing a tribe.

Finding competent people is hard.

One thing that I can say I have done well with in Ark, is recruiting great players. Great builders, tamers, and PvPers.

It all starts with their appearance. They may appear in global, casually looking for an established tribe, or you may find them out solo taming a carno. Either way, do your research on them.

Talk to them and invite them to be steam friends. Interview them, have a set of questions that you ask everyone, like Rick Grimes in Walking Dead. ”How many dinos have you tamed?” ”Why do you play Ark?” ”What do you like to do in Ark?”

See how many hours played, and see what other games they have played too, get a feel for the type of gamer they are. Just because they only have 80 hours on Ark, doesn’t mean they wont be an asset. They may be very trainable.

Age. well, we all know what ‘squeakers’ are, and I am not going to hate on age, but for this specific game, it does take a certain level of maturity, especially with some of the adult content that’s in global. Be very careful when allowing very young players into your tribe.

One of the best indicators of a good tribe member, is someone who can succeed on their own. Probably the best person I ever recruited started as a solo player who built a significant building on his own. He was awesome at building and finding the best spots to grind out resources fast. The picture of the collisseum below was taken long after i recruited him, he built it by himself with a doed and a mammoth. (I believe it was over 140k stone to complete)

Another strategy, is merging with a smaller tribe (2-3 members), that is showing promise, but is behind in it’s development from your tribe. This is always a bit tough, because of the culture that they had, their relationships, and the security of their stuff and dinos. Give it a few days, and make sure your original tribe members make an effort to bond with them.

Knowing when to promote or kick a member of your tribe may mean the difference between an excellent loyal tribe member, or a troll who gets all your dinos killed.

Imagine an old school scale. When the scale tips one way, your tribe gets better, when it tips the other way, your tribe starts to fail.

This is what you need to imagine, when deciding when to promote and when to remove a member.

When you promote someone to admin, you are essentially giving them control over your entire tribe. They can dmolish your entire base over night, untame all your dinos, and add them to his own tribe. Make sure the person you are promoting to admin, has earned your trust, and is an asset to the tribe.

Reasons to remove a member from the tribe: Selfish use of valuable resources after being warned, excessive tamed dino deaths, makes playing unenjoyable for you and the rest of your tribe, starts fights in global chat – making your tribe a target, and PvPing without the tribe agreeing.

1. Your tribemate is flying the quetz and it glitches into the ground and dies. Yes, it is technically his fault, but he didn’t make the game. Just ask them to prepare the stuff to tame a new quetz.

2. Your tribemate is eating the jerky you made for kibble. You tell him to stop, explain why, and they keep doing it. You should probably remove them from the tribe.

3. Your personal friend is asking for admin priveleges. Even tho he is your friend in real life, you know not to trust him and his troll tendencies in video games. You shouldn’t give him those priveleges.

4. Your tribemate logs on once a week, and usually gets a dino killed or you find valuable tribe resources in his personal storage, even tho he is a proficient player and could do a lot for the tribe. This is a tough one, try having a resonable discussion with him on steam chat to see what’s up.

This image below was taken a while back. This one member of a fairly new tribe was provoking my tribe on global for 3 hours. Not sure why, but even his tribemates, who were friends IRL, were telling him to stop. But he wouldnt. So we went over there, killed all of their dinos, and left signs explaining why. Do not let people like this, into your tribe. (you can see him crying in global) The next day his friends kicked him from the tribe, and left the server.

Ark Guide to Winning

Hey Survivors, welcome to my guide on how to win Ark: Survival Evolved.

To give some context for this section on ‘How to Kill the Dominant Tribe’, I am referring to PvP servers, and mostly official servers, not to say that this guide doesn’t apply to any unofficial PvP servers. This section is not for new players who are still trying to figure out how to voice chat and why pressing J is bad.

We will define winning as killing/being the ruling/powerhouse tribe on the server, and from my perspective, I am writing this guide as if there is already an established ruling tribe on the server.

The qualities you must possess to accomplish this are:

Focus – to aim straight for the top, and not waste time doing ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ stuff like taming little pet monkeys. Knowing when you’re bored and grinding out the next resource at hand even if you don’t want to.

Humanity – Ark is a social game, be genuine and help out your neighbors and new players, you will have a favorable server reputation.

Deception – Your image and how people perceive you on the server will determine if you get wiped early, or if you are left alone long enough to grind out all the explosive mats you will ever need. So don’t recruit players who are known for ♥♥♥♥-talking, don’t recruit squeakers, noobs can be loyal and might be great gamers.

Utilitarian – You don’t care about painted gates, or nice looking castle towers in your base. Efficiency and security should be your biggest concerns.

Sociopath – You must have this trait, but you must also control it. Power in ark is determined by dinos, and you have to enjoy killing other people’s dinosaurs, the satisfaction from killing them is a good driver.

Fortitude – Not fortitude stats, fortitude in the face of adversity. Things will not go according to plan, and you have to be able to think clearly and make good decisions under pressure. Like in the deep space MMO, Eve Online, PvP is stressful, and you need to be able to control that adrenaline rush.

OK, so as the game stands while I write this guide, Flying and platform dinos are the key to success. Quetzals will win you the game. Quetzals with plant turrets and auto turrets. If I need to explain why, you haven’t played the game long enough. Do Not Tame Gigantosaurs. Why? Because you don’t need it, ever. It will just get you in trouble, and attention you don’t want. Remember, deception.

There are a lot of other dinos you will never need. Below is a list of dinos you will need, and some optional ones:

1. Dodo – For egg kibble, personal food, stress relief punching.
2. Dilophosaur (dilos/dildos) – For egg kibble, minor security measure.
3. Phioma (pig) – Hauling, fertilizer (yes you can use a trike, but these are very inexpensive and dont take up as much room), probably won’t need them once you have argents / mammoths.
4. Pulmonoscorpius* – Eggs for kibble, hauling, early taming. One of my personal favorite early-game dinos, tame asap.
5. Beezlebufo (frog) – Cement / chitin / keratin, entertainment jumping around.
6. Sabertooth (cat) – Meat, chitin/keratin, mid-speed transport.
7. Argentavis (bird) – Hauling, travel, combat, eggs for trading.
8. Pteranodon – Fast travel, light hauling, combat, eggs not as valuable (eat, trade, kibble tame a turtle).
9. Anklyosaurus (ank) – Metal, Oil, Flint, Stone, Thatch, Wood, Berries, Plant X.
10. Doedicurus (doed) – Stone, this dino is almost optional in my book, a good ank can replace a doed, you can also hide items on a doed whiel you are still growing, raiders dont stick around to kill them.
11. Mammoth – Berry, thatch, wood / charcoal, plant x. Long tame, maybe trade for one.
12. Rex – Meat, eggs, some combat.
13. Quetzal – Your key to success.

• Paracer – With platform saddle, you can put turrets and beds on this for creating your ‘safe zone’ during combat, or use for mobile hauling and smelting of metal / prime cooking.
• Bronto – Same as paracer, plus they can be good for absorbing turret damage, thatch, berries.
• Ichthy (dolphin) – Depending on your strategy for getting oil and pearls, taming one might be good just to get a bed down into a cave for pearls, also these are tradable and very easy to tame, so taming 5 at once isn’t a huge task, some people have a hard time getting them.
• Oviraptor – Will help expedite the egg laying, make sure to max out its weight so it won’t run off.
• Direwolf – Same use as saber, I put these in optional because I have always found them to die easier.
• Gigantopithecus (gorilla) – If you have a safe area for it to gather fiber.
• Carbonemys (turtle) – If you plan on using them to absorb enemy turret bullets, but they can be tamed last minute 5 or more at a time easily.

Base Location and Design:

You need to be near a mountain with metal and a swamp, and a water source within a reasonable distance, being by the winter biome has its benefits. Try to find a location that you only have to defend from 3 or less sides and has a flat 10×10 space where you can put foundations.
When you surround your base with gates, use fence foundations to get them aligned properly so there aren’t gaps and overlaps. I suggest stacking them 2-high so that people flying in will have a harder time getting out.

Block entrances so that even you cant use them, so if an enemy wants to come in by ground, they have to go a certain way, or use more C4, focus your turrets around that area.

Smaller is better, don’t build out, build up. Make a goal of only using 1 food trough to feed all of your dinos. Build in layers, make it very difficult and frustrating for anyone trying to get in. It’s ok if it takes you an extra few seconds to run resources into your base, it will take an attacker much longer to navigate through your layered base. Do not build pretty, functional and secure, that’s it. Utilitarian.

Turrets on every level, inside and out, underneath. Make your base AIDS to attackers. Check your blind spots to make sure your turrets reach everywhere.

Do not build personal bases and structures. They are a waste.

This is just my personal opinion for PvP.
Health 250+
Stamina 200
Oxygen Depends on your role, I go with 200
Food / Water I go with 110 each.
Weight 200+
Melee 130+
Fortitude 30+
Movement Speed 110+ (A favorable trait for pvp)

Hustle the resources, craft them, store securely. Build smart, lean, and conservatively. People who build all over the place get unwanted attention. Tame when you are over-prepared, have space to store the dino, and have a NEED for it. Learn the fine print of the game and the players on that server, know the base locations, know their steam names, their time zones they personally live in.

I’m not going to elaborate on the order to tame certain dinos, and when to craft what, that’s for you to decide. Just don’t tame the big stuff until you are getting close to the main push.

Never reveal your true intensions to anyone outside your tribe, or that you don’t trust. Be nice, appear to know less than you do. Even pretend to do stupid stuff, lie… losing a tame because you didn’t build a wall around it, or w/e. Never appear to be crafting weapons or preparing for war, trade, but grind all the mats for explosives yourself. Trade eggs, kibble, dinos, metal, etc. Don’t publically ask for other people to tell you where certain dinos are.

If the ruling tribe is kind of aggressive, offer to pay them in oil or something to leave you alone. They will think you are just here to play and have fun. But don’t think they aren’t checking you out all the time and watching what you’re building and taming.

Keep your steam profile private, keep all screen shots personal, or show some cute ones of you standing next to the first frog you tamed. You don’t want people to be able to judge your experience.

Even your building should be deceptive, on one server, we kept stone on the outside for a long time, but we had 2 layers of metal underneath that, plus an enclosed safe room inside that.
When you start to tame rexes, have a high lvl one for good meat, but tame lots of low lvl females for eggs. Doesn’t matter if they are lvl 4, the tame will be quick and cheap with kibble.
They will know you have rexes, not a big deal, they still have 3 gigantos and quetzes. You’re not a threat yet.

Compare yourself to other tribes, do they have rexes? Do they have quetzes? Make your move to tame quetzes. Tame all of them. Lvl doesn’t matter, the chances of you finding a 100+ quetz at the right time are slim. Raising one from an egg takes forever.

The Battle Preparation:

Scout out their metal, estimate the # of grenades and C4 you need to blow through it, and then double that. Have a plan of entrance, and then pick another one as well. You could possibly damage these entrance gates down ahead of tim and they might not notice, because they don’t use them as much, or see the damage on the gates when they do use them.

Keep a couple of auto turrets up, its ok to show that you have achieved levels and can get the mats to craft defensive auto turrets next to your plant turrets. But make sure you have many more in storage, with 1000 bullets per turret. Craft 1 generator for every 4 auto turrets, 2 relay boxes and 2 pieces of cable (because you are likely to mess up the placement). To house the generators on your platform dinos, you need a 1×1 metal hut, possibly 2 walls high, or sloped roof, because the generator will protrude out and will easily be destroyed.

For hand weapons, have a pike and a fab pistol with scope, and if you can afford it, a fab sniper with laser sight. Parachutes, sleeping bags, and storage bins.

Have metal safe huts ready to place around the base you will be attacking. Multiple beds/bunk beds ready.

The day before the attack, this is when you build the structures on your platform dinos and plant turrets.

Hopefully you have a solid 4 – 6 people in your tribe that are going to be in the attack, and you are all on a private voice chat service.

Thus far, I have written this guide assuming everyone plays fair. Well, they don’t.

People will deny this to their dying breath, but they cheat.

Even I turn up my gamma at night. The ruling tribes are there for a reason, one of those reasons is, they cheat. Not to say there aren’t ones who play fair, but I have yet to see one that doesn’t use an ‘aim bot.’ I have experienced some ridiculous stuff when fighting ruling tribes. My first wipe on server 15 was when people were using the duplication cheat, and dropping grenades on everyone. The next was on server 25, and the ruling tribe that was using aim bots and had no problem defending with 2 people and long rifles against 35. Headshots were no problem for them, nor was it hard for one guy on an argent to grab people off of any kind of mount, while at a suspicious range.

This truth is reasonable justification for offline raiding them. You’re the underdog, don’t feel bad planning an offline raid. Chances are they’d offline raid you too. Know their steam names, and they may have silent members as well, so know what steam names could be in their tribe as well. I’ve played against tribes that had silent members, I killed them in combat, and still couldn’t get them to talk in global.

No matter how nice some people are, they are not your friends unless you know them well. Even as nice as the ruling tribe may be, they are all sociopaths. They are seasoned Ark PvPers and probably knwo more than you.

You are fighting well prepared sociopaths who are using cheats to win.

Good Luck Survivor

*Queue ‘Bad Company’ -Five Finger Death Punch*

Whether you win or lose, make sure it’s fun.

Don’t lose face when you feel something is unfair, be aware of your emotions. It’s going to make you feel some type of way. It sucks for either side to lose many hours of work, understand that and proceed accordingly.

You always win ark Welcome to my guide on How to Win Ark: Survival Evolved. Ark is an incredible game. Immerse yourself in the challenges it presents to you and test your tenacity. Play and

ARK: Survival Evolved 12+

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Dive into the ultimate mobile dino-adventure with ARK: Survival Evolved! A massive game world combines with 80+ unique dinosaurs and primal creatures for you to capture and tame – making for a survival experience bar-none. Meet up with other players and friends in this Jurassic-era world, to form tribes and work together to build colonies of survivors.

Based on the genre-defining adventure from PC and consoles, ARK: Survival Evolved challenges you to survive and thrive on a mysterious island, where you start out alone and unarmed. Gather resources and craft tools to build shelter and hunt. Expand your domain while capturing and taming dinosaurs to do your bidding. Make new friends online, form tribes, and build mighty structures to defend against man and mega-predators alike!

Features of ARK: Survival Evolved include:

– 80+ Dinosaurs: Use cunning strategy and tactics to tame, train, ride and breed the many dinosaurs and other primeval creatures roaming the dynamic, persistent ecosystems across land, sea, air, and even underground.
– Discover: Explore a massive living and breathing prehistoric landscape as you find the means to survive, thrive, and escape on the Ark.
– Craft and Build: Using any means necessary to survive, craft weapons, clothes, and items, and build shelters, villages, or even large cities.
– Survive Alone or With Others: Group up with, or prey on, hundreds of other players in a large-scale online world or choose to go it alone in single-player mode.
– Join a Tribe: The ‘Tribe’ system encourages cooperation, by supporting dynamic parties to share resources, XP, and re-spawn points.

The game includes an optional Primal Pass subscription available on a monthly or yearly basis. The subscription removes all ads, gives you a 2x XP boost, and provides access to both preferred servers and to preferred slots on free servers. Subscribers receive an insignia next to their name to indicate their status as Primal Pass holders and will receive special news and updates from time to time.

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