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Canmore Nordic Ski Club

Web link to Zone 4 (Race registration & race results)

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Canmore Nordic Ski Club Canmore Nordic Ski Club Web link to Zone 4 (Race registration & race results) This topic has 0 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated Dec 3, 2007 at 5:42 PM by


Zone 4 Bowling Association


RESULTS -Presidents Singles Championships – Final Series from Narromine – Zone 4 Bowling Association

Zone 4 Bowling Association

Turkey Triples Day coming up at Cumnock on Sunday 13th December

Zone 4 Bowling Association

A statement from the Zone 4 Match Committee concerning 2021 Calendar and the reasons behind starting Pennants in Feb 2021.

Firstly, the Match Committee is made up of Lee Stinson…Ross Hunter…Bob Hamilton…Steve Torrens and Tom Furey. We are all bowlers and committee members at our own clubs and genuinely have the best interests of bowlers, clubs and the sport of bowls at heart.

For the year ahead, for a variety of reasons we have had to make some very tough decisions…Because of Covid, Bowls NSW is rescheduling the 2020 finals of Zone championships into Feb 2021. If we don’t start with Pennants in Feb 2021 while Bowls NSW is holding these finals, then we would have to be playing the 2021 Zone championships. Bowlers would be in Ettalong competing for a state title…then expected to get back to a local venue by 8:30 Saturday morning to qualify for the 2021 Zone Championships. I’m sure many bowlers will be able to quote times when that sort of thing has been expected of them…well, not by this committee. By starting Pennants in Feb these guys have a chance to return to their clubs, hopefully rest, and then play to the best of their abilities for their clubs.

With regard to the heat in February…Bowls NSW has a heat policy. With advanced warning clubs may like to look at playing Pennants earlier on a Sunday….10am starts if both clubs agree. If playing a club nearby, maybe try a late afternoon/evening game. We are appealing to clubs/bowlers to try and make the best of a difficult situation. Complete a Mutual Agreement form to play games at a day/time when it suits both clubs.

If we lost a day/weekend due to extreme heat on a Zone Championship weekend – it would cause major ramifications to our calendar with very few weekends available to reschedule.

With respect to the Greenkeepers – they would need to have their club green/(s) ready for play of their own events in February so the fact that Pennants is on at this time may cause a tightening of their timelines but we sincerely hope it doesn’t cause them too many major problems. One of the unique aspects of Zone 4 that other Zones in the State are not faced with is extreme heat or cold during the year…other zones can easily take to the green all year round.

Ultimately we have to program something on every available weekend (excluding public holidays and rep games) between February and early June as to complete all of our events in a time frame that allows winners to be sent to Bowls NSW by the required dates – as well as giving clubs the opportunity to finish Club Major Singles and Pairs so that their winners can progress to Champion of Club Champions.

The Match Committee hasn’t just simply decided on the schedule for 2021 and gone…”Bugger them, they can get on with it…” We have tried our very best to take into account numerous varying factors in the decisions we have made.

Bowls NSW 2021 schedule.

2020 Zone Championships only just completed.

Travel and time pressures on recently crowned Champions.

10 month gap since last Pennants game until start of the next one.

Heat and condition of greens in Feburary.

Requirement to have several events completed before June 2021.

State Pennant finals for 2021 moved from Sept to Mid July.

Of course we can’t please everyone but everyone should be in no doubt whatsoever that their concerns have been listened to and we will take all the feedback on board for 2022 when we hope some normality returns to all our life’s in general. ]]>